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Even though that whole getting arrested in Other Darrow thing had happened like eighty-four years ago, Newt is still totally cashing in on it. Coop had mentioned in passing that he still owed him a drink to make up for it, probably more as a semi-joke than anything else, but Newt had decided against the kinder side of his judgment and kept his friend on the hook.

It's the perfect evening for it. Kate's got stuff to do for the store so Newt's working a little overtime at the lab, where Coop's going to meet him. Hardly anyone else is here this late, except for the ones who are crazier than him--but definitely not as smart--and there's nobody to tell him not to blast AC/DC or Metallica or jam out while using various expensive lab tech as microphones.

It's only when he gets the text saying Coop's waiting to be let into the lab that Newt hops down from one of the tables to get the door open, but the music stays on. If he had his way, it would always be on.

"What's up, dude," Newt says with a grin, stepping aside to let Coop in. "I'm almost done here, I swear."
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"No rush," Coop said, sidling in and taking a look around. "I'm sure there's something interesting and top secret I can find in here to get into."

He didn't make any attempt to go looking for anything though the urge was there. He was a thief through and through and while nothing in here was pinging him as magical, that didn't mean there wasn't something valuable around here.

"Whatcha working on?" Coop asked, walking over and peering at some of Newt's work.
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"Tissue engineering," Coop repeated, eyes comically wide. "See, to me that would mean taking a tissue and building a paper airplane out of it not what I assume you're doing. Good on you for being super smart and all but also thank god you're super smart because letting me do something like this would mean death for us all."

He peered at some of the work around the lab idly, not really understanding what he was seeing and but interested nonetheless even if it wasn't something he'd ever think about stealing.

"But good to know you're around if I ever do need some...engineered tissue put in my body," Coop joked. "At least I'll trust the person behind the work."
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"Ready and willing to drink my weight in bourbon and mix it with something spicy so I have unbelievably bad heartburn and a killer hangover."

When said out loud, it didn't sound particularly enticing but Coop could ignore that for the moment. He knew the journey to feeling like shit would be the fun part. Tomorrow morning he'd worry about the hangover and any potential wing induced nausea. When that happened, he'd bury himself underneath his blankets and live like a mole for a few hours until he felt better.

"You buy the first round," Coop told him, already heading for the door. "It's only right for making me wait such a long time for you to be finished with your smart people work."
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"Haven't I made up for that yet?" Coop asked, pulling a face and shaking his head. "That was like years ago, man! Besides, jail might have been a good thing. It could have hardened you and made you a stone cold killer."

Newt was not a stone cold killer of anything but bugs, maybe, but it was as good an argument as any.

"I don't think you can keep using that whole thing against me," Coop told him, wagging a finger at him. "That wasn't even me, remember!"
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"This once, I will take the gesture of crossing your heart in good faith and believe you. I'll buy you some drinks tonight, enough to make you fall on your face and slobber all over your wife and then we'll be even."

Hopefully the other him didn't show up again and try to arrest more people. Coop's budget wasn't terribly small but he knew he'd end up broke if he had to keep making up his doppelganger's actions to other people.

"What're the jails like here anyway?" Coop asked him. "Did you have a smelly cellmate?"
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"Philip and yeah, the other version of me arrested him too," Coop said, shaking his head. "I can't even remember why. Maybe he looked at the other guy wrong or tried to flirt with him or something. It was a bunch of shit arrests that I can't actually believe his bosses let stand."

After the fact, that had been Coop's biggest mystery. Why had the other version of him gotten away with dumb arrests so easily? Wasn't there anyone to stop him from abusing his power?

"Guy I was in prison with was a literal swamp monster," Coop told him, making a face. "Not lying."
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Coop had a diatribe ready to go on why Newt did not want to be anywhere near Rodney when he lurched forward, throwing a hand up against the wall to brace himself and five seconds from crouching down an rolling into a ball.

"Is it an earthquake?" he asked, far too familiar with those from having lived in Los Angeles for so long. But, that question is answered quickly when Coop realized there was no more shaking.

In fact, there was no movement at all which meant...

"Oh, fuck no," Coop said, pounding on the wall and cursing. "Is this elevator really stuck? That happens? That happens in this weird ass magical city?"
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"Uh." Coop stopped his pounding on the walls to pat his pockets, trying to figure out if he'd stuffed something in there on his way out the door. His wallet, phone and keys were all there but he couldn't feel anything else.

He tried the back pockets of his jeans and came out with a mint. He wasn't sure how long it'd been there but he offered it to Newt anyway.

"That's all I got, man. I wasn't exactly planning to be camping out in a fucking elevator," he admitted, jumping up and down to try and coax the elevator to get its ass moving. "Aren't there guards that can come get us?"
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"Hey, you could say thank you, that's the only food we had!" Coop told him, scowling in Newt's direction. He hoped they weren't going to be stuck here long enough that he'd be regretting giving that to Newt. He didn't want to have a discussion of who ate who first.

Coop watched Newt bang around the elevator before he ripped his phone out of his pocket and woke it up. There was one tiny sliver of bar so he tried to dial out and got nothing. He tried to text and it failed. He tried to open up an app to order pizza and it didn't work.

"Goddammit, fuck," Coop snapped, sighing. "Should we try screaming?"
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"It was more than you had, jackass," Coop retorted, surprisingly defensive over his mint. He'd even been nice and given it to Newt when he could have eaten it himself and had minty fresh breath while being stuck in an elevator, contemplating throwing a tantrum.

He reached for the seam in the doors, trying to yank it open though he didn't know what good it would do. If they were between floors, all they'd see is wall. It was just as well that his puny arms didn't even budge the thing.

"The worst that could happen is that we both end up pancakes on the floor of this place," Coop pointed out. " I don't know about you but I'd like to keep my organs inside my body today."
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Coop tried to stay mad, he tried to keep glaring at Newt but he was never that good at being angry in the first place. His anger dissolved quickly and he deflated, leaning back against the wall and smacking at it with his fist.

"That sounds like the safest plan but I have a question," Coop said, peering up at the top of the elevator. "Are your security guards observant? They're not the type to be sitting at their stations, eating donuts and drinking coffee while we slowly rot away in this tiny room of horrors, are they?"

Coop really didn't want to be in this elevator long enough that they started discussing who was going to eat who first.
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"You did not answer my question which pretty much answer my question," Coop said, groaning and shaking his head. "We're gonna die in here, aren't we?"

He didn't want that! Maybe while he'd been stuck in Surf City, he'd considered that as a way out but now, he didn't want it to happen. He had plans in this city and people he liked and dying in an elevator just seemed lame and dumb and sad.

"I expect at least a hug if I start crying," Coop told him, sliding down to sit on his ass on the floor of the elevator. "Fake it if you have to but I expect a hug."
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"You don't know that! We could die if your security guards are inept enough to leave us in here until we starve to death or something," Coop argued, feeling the urge to just lay down on the floor and have a good tantrum.

"But your wife would notice you gone, right? If you didn't come home for dinner, she'd realize something was wrong and come find you? Or is she the type to just let things flow and you'll be back when you're back so might as well drink some wine and go to bed?"

Coop really hoped she was the former. He knew he was going to die one day but he didn't want to die in an elevator with Newt.
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"Does she think we're having a sleepover! She'd have to notice eventually!" Coop retorted, waving his hands around. He didn't know Newt's wife super well but he had to believe that she didn't just let her husband go out and stay out all night with any guy. And while Coop liked Newt, he probably wouldn't drag him back to his apartment and let him sleep on his couch. He'd just call him a cab.

He paced as much as he could in the small space, head jerking around when he heard a voice that wasn't Coop or Newt's. "Did someone answer? Hey! Hey you! Get off your ass and come save us! For Christ's sake, do your job!"
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"Don't call me a dick, dick," Coop said once Newt had finished talking on the phone. From the one side of the conversation he heard, it sounded like they were going to be rescued but now Coop was going to worry that whoever was coming wasn't going to be able to fix whatever was wrong.

"Someone's coming, right?" he asked, running his hands through his hair and looking up hopefully at the ceiling. "Are they certified elevator technicians? Please tell me they're gonna know what they're doing and aren't going to stand outside the elevator and stare at it like I do when one of my appliances break. I know that's not helpful but no one's ever trapped inside my damn toaster!"
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"You called me a dick first, you dick!" Coop retorted, not willing to be the one to admit that this was a dumb stupid argument that no one was going to win. If Newt was going to call him a dick, Coop was going to return the favor and he'd do it until he was blue in the face.

"What if we're stuck between floors, smart guy?" Coop asked him, crossing his arms and fixing Newt with a look. "They can pry the doors open and what if there's only like half a space to crawl through? Are you going to go first and wiggle yourself out and then help me out, which would be the gentlemanly thing to do?"
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"You were the one to originally call me a dick and I had to, in my defense, retaliate and return the favor. Therefore, you calling me a dick was premeditated and calculated. Me calling you a dick was self defense and thus means I am not a dick but a man who has to defend himself."

Coop had gotten a little lost in that explanation so he just hoped it made some sort of sense. Whatever, Newt was still a dick.

"You fixed my phone and I gave you the mint in my pocket that you took without even asking," he pointed out. "We're even. I'm not going to fight you to get out first but if you call to your bloody death down the elevator shaft, I will tell your corpse 'I told you so.'"
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"I'm gonna need about three damn drinks minimum after this," Coop said decisively. Newt was still a dick but Coop had had drinks with worse people and they'd gone through a traumatic experience together so they deserved to drink until they couldn't see straight.

"Oh please, smells don't bother me. I spent nearly two years sharing a prison cell with a guy who was a literal swamp thing," Coop said, thinking of Rodney. "I can handle a little stink. Everyone stinks when you're in prison so your sense of smell dulls just so you can survive your sentence. Guys who are in their for life can't tell the difference between smelling great food or some guy's dirty socks."
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"Oh, a crowbar!" Coop called from behind Newt. He thought about shoving Newt aside and fighting him to be the first one out but that seemed like it might jostle the elevator or just cause the guys trying to help them to walk away so he waited patiently.

Somewhat patiently.

"I'm so relieved," he continued, shaking his head and tapping one hand against the elevator wall. "Glad we got the experts here after like an hour or calling! My heroes!"
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"Don't kick me, you dick!" Coop said, falling back on an old friend because he couldn't think of anything else witty to say. He just wanted to get out of this elevator and drink until he couldn't feel his toes.

"You leave me in here to rot, you'll have to explain that to my wife and one year old kid!" Coop lied because it wasn't like Frank knew he had nothing but a plant and a few stolen items at home. If he wanted to be a jerk, Coop was going to make him feel like a jerk.

"He loves his daddy and you taking that away would scar him for life," Coop added, muttering several thankful curses when he saw light and the decor of Newt's building beyond that. "Hurry up so I can go home to my kid, man!"