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Newt's been busy as hell lately, between working on his regular research project at the lab and the drug Lincoln had brought to him a couple weeks ago. He's managed to figure out what compounds make up the drug, thinks he can even replicate it in the next few days if he wants, though Lincoln had said that's not what he wants out of this. Still, Newt's the one tasked with handling the damn thing and his curiosity so often outweighs anything else.

The drug is supposed to make people aggressive, that's what Lincoln had said, but maybe Newt can just... fiddle with it. Maybe he can turn it into a drug that can enhance strength without the violent side effects, it's possible, if he works at it long enough.

Either way, Newt decides he needs a goddamn break so he leaves the lab to head for the nearest cafe for some caffeine he probably doesn't need but is definitely going to drink anyway. The line isn't too long, to his relief, and he rolls up his sleeves as he steps behind a redhead who looks kind of familiar from the back. Mostly because it looks like Marius's head.

"Hey, buddy!" Newt exclaims, clapping a hand down on his friend's shoulder, though he quickly pulls it away once he realizes that it's actually not Marius he's totally just violated. Well, it is, but it isn't. Newt's pretty sure it's Other Newt but hell, can anyone ever really tell in this city? "Oh, shit, sorry. Thought you were someone else. But we've met, right? New Year's Eve, we fought bats together? You're the other Newt. Which is going to sound really weird if you're like, another guy with the same face."
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Newt's standing in line, considering the various options of pastries on the menu, and a hot drink to go with said pastries, of course, when he feels a hand on his shoulder, and a familar voice calling out to him.

He turns, almost starts, really, a bit rattled out of his thoughts by the touch and the sound. But when he finds that he is facing Newt, he brightens considerably, pleased to run into him again.

"It happens," he answers wryly, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. He's gotten rather used to being mistaken for someone else by now. "But yes, we've met. New Year's. It is I, other Newt."

"Fancy running into the other person with my name again," he says. "How have you been, since that night?"
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This Newt seems to possess a tangible energy each time Newt runs into him. It is all sorts of delightful, and he's glad to have had the chance to bump into him again.

"You're quite right," Newt says, smiling still himself. "At least, it feels like a small city, with the way people seem to run into each other so often. Especially when they share a name." He manages a joking wink and thinks Jacob might be quite proud of him for displaying something of a sense of humor. But that only leads to more thoughts of Jacob, which tend to prick like thorns, as Newt misses him terribly.

"I'm good myself," he says. "I still would like to study one of these 'bitch ass bats,' as you call them, for myself. But I keep myself busy, anyways. What are you having?" He offers, gesturing to the menu. "I figure the polite thing to do is to buy the person who shares my name a drink."
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"Sounds like a proper plan," Newt says, smiling at how neatly Newt works things out in regard to buying drinks. Newt orders for the both of them, Newt's basic latte, and one of the fancy coffee drinks he's come to grow fond of since arriving in Darrow. Deciding that, perhaps, a snack would go well with drinks, he orders them a plate of biscuits as well. He moves off to the side to wait for their order.

"Well, I study my creatures of course," he says, before it occurs to him that he doesn't think he's told Newt about the case. He'll have to fix that, and he'll certainly have to take the other man down there one day. He thinks he would certainly appreciate the creatures. "Chase after the Niffler when he gets out. That sort of thing."

"And how about yourself?" He asks, curious as to how this Newt spends his time.
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"Of course," Newt says, smiling, thoroughly pleased by Newt's reaction to his profession. He had a hunch that this Muggle scientist who shares his name might appreciate his creatures. "I would be delighted to."

Their order doesn't take long; one of the people behind the counter brings their tray, laden with drinks and biscuits both. Newt takes it and nods for Newt to follow him over to an unoccupied table near the window.

"I'm a magizoologist, back home," he explains, handing Newt his drink and taking his own. He grabs a biscuit, as well. "I study all sorts of magical creatures. I was trying to educate my fellow witches and wizards about them, as it were."
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"Merlin," Newt breathes as Newt shows him his tattoos, beautiful with intricate details. They remind him of dragons, the creatures on his arms. Not any one breed in particular; more like a conglomeration of various aspects of the different breeds found throughout the world. "Those are magnificent. You studied these creatures?"

He is thoroughly impressed. And delighted. Anyone who studies beasts such as the ones Newt has shown him is well worth preserving as a good friend. Newt finds himself practically beaming.

At the mention of the Niffler, he chuckles, shaking his head a bit. "You can," he tells him. "But I must first advise you to hide anything shiny or of value that you own. The Niffler is a bit of a thief." Which is definitely an understatement, but Newt does so have a way with those, he doesn't pay this one any particular mind.
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"That is unfortunate," Newt says of all the damage these creatures are apparently capable of, shaking his head. "Still, that is quite something, to dedicate a decade of your life to these kaiju."

This Newt's world sounds entirely more dangerous than even his own, just by the sound of the kaiju. Newt wonders at how the people in Newt's world survived. He can also guess, from his own experiences, of how people might come to view those that study these creatures, and he admires Newt all the more for his dedication.

"And a hive mind?" Newt blinks, even more curious now. "Merlin. I've never seen such a thing in such large creatures before. That must have been fascinating."

He nods, before bringing his suitcase to the front of his knees. Cautiously, he opens it, and a loud, gurgling noise rushes through. "Dougal, no. We've been through this. You can't come out just yet. Merlin knows that's the last thing I need, you running invisible throughout Darrow."

Once Dougal is settled, Newt reaches in and quickly grabs the Niffler, pulling him out before shutting the suitcase tight.

"One Niffler, as requested," he says, holding the squirming creature in his arms to show to Newt.