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Even though that whole getting arrested in Other Darrow thing had happened like eighty-four years ago, Newt is still totally cashing in on it. Coop had mentioned in passing that he still owed him a drink to make up for it, probably more as a semi-joke than anything else, but Newt had decided against the kinder side of his judgment and kept his friend on the hook.

It's the perfect evening for it. Kate's got stuff to do for the store so Newt's working a little overtime at the lab, where Coop's going to meet him. Hardly anyone else is here this late, except for the ones who are crazier than him--but definitely not as smart--and there's nobody to tell him not to blast AC/DC or Metallica or jam out while using various expensive lab tech as microphones.

It's only when he gets the text saying Coop's waiting to be let into the lab that Newt hops down from one of the tables to get the door open, but the music stays on. If he had his way, it would always be on.

"What's up, dude," Newt says with a grin, stepping aside to let Coop in. "I'm almost done here, I swear."

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