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july 1

Every once in awhile, the day gets away from him.

Newt hadn't even realized it was past seven until his phone had buzzed with a text from Kate saying that she'd be home late because she was going out for an impromptu dinner with some of her coworkers. He'd shot her back a message saying he was only just leaving the lab, which hadn't even surprised her at all, and it takes another half hour before he finally manages to drag himself away from the blood samples he's been studying. His stomach rumbles as he steps into the elevator with a yawn, and he rubs at the back of his neck as he tries to remember whether or not he'd actually eaten anything since lunch. Allison had force-fed him, as she usually does when she doesn't seem him wander out into the lobby during his lunch hours, but Newt's pretty sure that he hasn't touched anything other than several cups of coffee since then.

When he walks out of the building, the sidewalk is pretty much empty, aside from a couple shadowy figures further up in either direction, and Newt's at a crossroads. Pizza is one way, burgers the other, and life is so goddamn hard right now that he doesn't even know what to do.

"Make a move, genius," he mutters to himself, willing what he is totally identifying as a hunger headache away as he feels the pressure starting to grow at the base of his skull. "Nah, the bar. Burgers and beer, that's where it's at."

Semele's seems like a good choice for that so Newt sets his sights in that direction, walking with renewed purpose and a determined expression.
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Darrow is a different town at night, Sirius has found. The harmless facade fades with the setting of the sun, giving way to a sensation far more sinister. There's something familiar about it though, a magic in the air within which Sirius finds strange comfort.

The scents too, are more intriguing at night. His nails clip the pavement as he follows one after another, spying people and creatures alike in interesting and sometimes intimate situations. He chases cats just because he can, pesters the few city rats and rabbits. He forages through trash bins in alleys for interesting bits of food, wandering and wandering either until his legs feel worn or until the sun begins to peek once more above the horizon, whichever comes first.

Tonight, however, it's a face he spots rather than a scent. He's seen Newt before, but they've never spoken.

Perhaps now isn't the best time, but Sirius knows an opportunity when it presents itself and, given the strange things going on with Newt of late, it seems negligent to not seize this one.

Ducking quickly into an alcove, he shifts from Padfoot to Sirius and quickly runs a hand through his hair before stepping out. "Dr. Geiszler," he calls out from several feet behind him. "Do you have a minute?"
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"We haven't met no," Sirius replies, stepping closer once Newt's turned around. His lips twist into a half-grin at the urging to drop the formality and he nods in acknowledgment. "Name's Sirius. I'm... I'm a friend of Kieren Walker's." After a slight hesitation, his lips twisting into a deeper frown, he amends, "Boyfriend, actually. And he's a patient of yours, is he not?"

It's still strange to him, this notion of Muggle science. Even after seeing it in action, witnessing with his own eyes the effect of the pills on Kieren.

Or, rather, the effect without them. And when they've gone wrong.
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Newt's obvious concern is something of a relief, an indication that he truly is looking out for Kieren as a person and not as a walking science project of some kind. Sirius has no real reason to think that of Newt if he's honest; Kieren's only ever said good things about him. But Sirius's opinion of Muggle science and medicine is... suspicious to say the least.

Shoving a hand into his trouser pocket, Sirius's usual easy smile fades, however, and he shrugs. "I'm not certain, honestly," he admits.

"You're aware of what happened some weeks ago," he continues, well aware that there's hardly a way Newt doesn't know, but feeling the need to put it all out there. "Where there was something off in his medication and he... he went rabid for a bit. Well, he's recovered from that, it seems. Mostly. But more recently there have been some strange happenings. He's. He shakes at times. Like a shiver or a throb. And he's... he's been forgetting things here and there. Memory lapses for seemingly no reason at all."

And, honestly, Sirius has no idea if any of that means a damn thing. Or, moreover, if Newt can even do anything for it. But he can't help thinking, he should at least try.
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Newt frowns and Sirius isn't sure whether to feel vindicated in his worry or if he should truly begin to panic. Kieren's been worried himself, of course, though he largely seems to be keeping it quiet, either because he's in denial or to save Sirius from further worry.

In truth, Sirius isn't at all certain he'll be able to make heads or tails of a thing Newt shows him, but he wants to have a look all the same. If for no other reason than it could give him better insight into possibly developing a spell instead. Magic, as far as he's concerned, supersedes any of this science business, but perhaps getting some sort of understanding of it might help all the same. Or they could even develop some sort of mix of the two.

"He's been bleeding as well," he continues, nodding quickly at Newt's invitation. "Not constantly, but here and there. Nosebleeds. Typically when he gets a bit, ehm. Excited. But not always. Sometimes for seemingly no reason at all. How is that works, do you know? If he has no blood flow at all, how is that possible?"
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That's certainly a rather graphic visual. Horrifically, it's all too easy to picture and he grimaces a little as he shakes his head. He can agree, at least, that Kieren is certainly different from either Sirius or Newt. He's human, but not. Dead, but not. Alive, but not. He's a walking marvel, honestly.

Though Kieren, he can imagine, considers himself more of a walking time bomb.

Sirius grabs the door to follow Newt inside before hurrying to keep up as they walk. "So you've monitored him, I imagine," he says, frowning as he tries to follow along. "With all those Muggle wires and knobby things and machines. He was living off the medication from home for awhile, he said. And you've not been able to replicate it? Is that the issue? Can you not... deconstruct it?"
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Sirius has always gotten a kick out of lifts and this time is no different, despite his age, and he hurries in to stand alongside Newt.

Of course, his enjoyment is rather muted given the topic at hand and he frowns a little when Newt suddenly sounds much less sure of himself. He has no idea himself what goes into deconstructing anything at all that isn't magical, but as he's understood it, science is some form of magic all on its own.

Hopefully this eventually happens sooner rather than later.

"Your wife dated a wizard?" he asks, curious now. Because it's not just any wizard, clearly. In the half a year Sirius has been here now, he's learned that, while there are a good number of wizards about, they're not all like him. In fact, most aren't. But he knows Muggle seems to be a word used almost exclusively in his world. "Do you happen to remember his name?"
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Newt talks quickly, animatedly, hands waving about as he turns to face Sirius, walking backwards the whole while. It's entertaining, really. Mad, but in a good way. Sirius's favourite way, honestly. His lips twitch into a smile that then immediately slides away into shock at Newt's reply.

"Harry Potter?" he repeats, slowing to a stop right in the middle of the corridor.

Like most things in this city, it doesn't make any sense. When had Harry been stranded on an island? He's never mentioned any such thing to Sirius. And, as far as he's aware, Harry's never dated much at all either. Of course, there's every likelihood he's simply kept that part of himself secret from his godfather in much the way Sirius has kept his own quiet from Harry. But if this man is already married to the woman Harry once dated then... well, that had to have been one whirlwind romance, surely.

He squints a little. "You're certain? Harry?"
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It takes a moment for Sirius to remember to walk again, so shaken is he by the news that his godson dated this man's wife. Intellectually, he's well aware that Harry is seventeen years old (nearly eighteen now) but he still has such a difficult time differentiating him from the bubbly, pudgy, dribbly-mouthed little infant he remembers so well.

He feels a bit dazed following Newt further down the corridor, listening as they stop outside a door.

"An island," he echoes because he does think he's heard mention of such a thing before. It's yet another aspect of this place he doesn't understand, a different sort of magic. And he's not sure he'd ever heard mention of dinosaurs, but that hardly seems to matter in the wake of learning this.

"He's my godson," Sirius finally manages, feeling as though he needs to give some reason for his strange state. "Harry is. Merlin, it's strange enough accepting he's suddenly seventeen years old." He frowns then, looking at Newt more carefully. "And you said he doesn't remember a thing?"
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Despite how strange the whole time thing is, Sirius has a feeling Harry would've mentioned something like that in all the times they've talked. Not once has there been mention of any sort of island, nor any girl he'd met there. In truth, there doesn't seem to be much Harry keeps from him, a fact Sirius can only hope remains the case once Sirius himself is a bit more honest about certain things.

And that is certainly a train of thought he has no interest on boarding right now so he quickly veers away, turning his attention instead on the room he's stepped into.

His eyes widen a bit as he takes it all in, wondering what everything is as he looks around. Some things he can pick out, of course. Tables and chairs and papers. There a number of Muggle computers set about as well as dozens of machines with purposes Sirius is sure he can't even begin to fathom. He turns in a slow circle as he takes it all in before looking to Newt again. "This is where you make it then?" he says. "The drugs for Kieren. All of this is yours alone?"
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"Liability?" Sirius asks, frowning as he follows Newt a few more steps through a maze of very large, rather intimidating machines. "Do you mean because of his condition? How is that a liability? It's not as though what he has is contagious, is it? I mean, if it were, I'd be a goner by now, surely."

But maybe there's more to Kieren's blood than all that. He's never thought about it much, though that seems foolish in retrospect. It's just that, well. Kieren doesn't really have blood, that's half the trouble. The dark black gunk that oozes from his nose is hardly like any blood Sirius has ever seen before, though he knows it must be. Knows it can't easily be anything else.

He watches Newt more carefully now, growing both more curious and more worried by the moment. "Is there something awful about his?" he asks. "I'd assume it isn't normal, both from what I've seen and... given what he is. But is there anything at all you can do with it?"
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It honestly isn't his intent to make Newt nervous, but Sirius finds he's a little pleased to know he has. He's always rather enjoyed making people uncomfortable, after all. Even when it does him little purpose.

He doesn't apologize and doesn't smile, but quickly follows Newt to a Muggle contraption he barely recognizes, watching as Newt slides a glass plate inside it. There's a smear upon it that Sirius can only assume is a sample of Kieren's blood and it takes him a moment to figure out where it is he's to look through. Even after he does, he can't say he understand at all what it is he's looking at and he pulls back a moment later, frowning.

"Is there something I should be seeing?" he asks, feeling stupid in a way that makes him highly uncomfortable. "I know his blood is different from ours. He shouldn't have any to begin with, should he? Isn't that half the mystery?"
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Both Newt's tone and the look he shoots Sirius then are pointed. Sirius's eyes narrow a moment before he lets out a huff of assent. "Yes, fine," he says, rolling his eyes. "It's just-- Is there any way of picking things up a bit now? His symptoms are getting worse, not better. What if there comes a day where he doesn't stop bleeding at all? Or his memory leaves him completely? What if he's just-- What if he--"

Sirius can't quite bring himself to say it, can't voice the fact that Kieren could die. Well and truly. Again and for good this time. That this condition, whatever it is, could win.

"Maybe there's something I can do to help," he says instead, feeling a bit more frantic now. "I don't understand any more about your Muggle science than you do magic, but perhaps we could work together. A spell that could work with these blood samples, a charm to alter it somehow. Anything at all."
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Sirius's eyes widen a bit at the mention of an actual giant sea monster. The only thing he has for reference is the giant squid at Hogwarts, but as far as Sirius is aware, he's certainly not tried to destroy any worlds. Couldn't even if he wanted to.

"I've tried," he confesses at Newt's suggestion and his sigh should be every indication of how disappointed in himself he is for his failure. "My magic doesn't seem to work entirely with this sort of condition. The best I've been able to do is heighten his senses here and there, make it so he can taste and touch. Those spells do nothing to control his organs though, really, and they're not long-term.

"I've a mate who knows blood magic, though," he adds, thinking of Kell. "Might there be something in that? I could introduce him to you."