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prayer circle for seymour

Newt has made a grievous error in thinking that hauling a covered bucket full of ammonia and housing a kaiju skin louse around town wouldn't be that hard. It is that hard, goddamn it, and he has so many regrets, but Seymour had desperately needed to get out of the lab, Newt could tell. Or maybe Newt's the one who needed to get out of the lab because he's working late tonight since a couple of his colleagues had so very conveniently called in sick the day after Christmas, leaving him to pick up the slack. Dick move, total dick move.

By the time nine o'clock had rolled around, Newt had been pretty sure he was going cross-eyed because he'd forgotten to take a lunch today, and Allison continues to attempt to make coffee scarce for him because she's just rude like that, apparently. So he'd decided to bring Seymour out for a little outing, just to see what would happen if he changes the little guy's environment. He hasn't heard a peep out of him yet, which is better than Seymour trying to skitter his way out of this bucket, and Newt settles down on a bench so he can peer in to see how his skin louse is doing.

"You're good, right, buddy?" he asks, keeping his voice low because it's cold enough that people aren't really taking casual strolls out here in the park, but he'd still spotted people here and there--and he's starting to think Kate's maybe right about keeping Seymour more on the down low. It's not even that he's worried he's not supposed to have him, it's more that Newt's paranoid someone might actually try to take him, and he's grown weirdly attached. It's because it's the only thing he really has to remind him of where he's from, he supposes, other than Chuck, but Newt can't keep Chuck nearby in a bucket of ammonia all the time. Or ever, really.

"I really have to start teaching you some tricks or something, Seymour. Allison and Kate think you're gross and everyone else thinks you're pretty much useless, but we can totally prove them wrong." The parasite's six black eyes stare blankly back at him, and Newt sighs. "Just hanging out, talking to my skin louse. The fuck is even wrong with me right now?"
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It's cold enough and late enough that the only people in the park right now are either totally crazy or have no real choice in the matter. Buffy falls under the latter category, but sometimes, she wonders if she isn't a little bit of the former as well. Questioning her sanity is nothing new. That sort of thing tends to happen when you're the vampire slayer and your parents had you admitted as a teenager because you tried to be honest about your unfortunate destiny.

For the most part, Buffy keeps to herself as she walks through the park. Every now and then, though, she'll spot someone taking a short cut home and she'll trail behind to make sure they make it out alive. She doesn't know what it is about public grounds that makes them turn into demonic hotspots after dark, but that's the way it's always been, as far back as Sunnydale.

The person she's currently trailing is carrying a bucket. She doesn't know why, and it's none of her business. She just need to make sure that he doesn't get attacked by some undead creature on his nighttime stroll. She loses track of how long she spends following him; he seems to be in no real hurry. That's kind of annoying, but then, he can't know how much danger he could really be in. Even in a land of magic trains and suddenly appearing ski resorts, some people still don't believe in monsters.

Eventually, Buffy gets lost in thought and fails to realize that the man up ahead has stopped moving. She gets too close. Now she has to play it off like she was just walking around herself, not keeping a close eye on this man and his bucket. His bucket which is emitting a seriously nasty smell. She can't help herself; she has to ask. "What are you carrying in there, old cat litter?"
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"Okay, what bizarro world are we in that I, the cute, innocent blonde of the story, am being accused of stalking by the tatted up guy talking to his smelly bucket?" Sometimes the best defense, as they say, is a good offense. Or is it the other way around? It doesn't matter, because in this case, it's true. The best way she can defend herself against his accusations is to turn it around on him, make him look like the shadiest character here. He has no way of knowing that she actually was following him, after all. She was careful. At least, she thinks she was.

Even in the dark, she can see him rolling his eyes. She's about to call him out on that rudeness when he starts to nudge the bucket toward her. Buffy holds her breath as she steps a little closer, too curious for her own good. And when she finally sees it, she jumps several feet back, clapping a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. She reaches instinctively for her stake. "You named that thing?"
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He has a point. In Buffy's experience, it's been true that those most vocal when proclaiming their innocence are usually the ones with the most to hide. And in this case, technically, he isn't wrong. She is trying to cover up for the fact that she was kind of, sort of stalking him. For his own good! But stalking nevertheless. Not that any of it matters at the moment. There are larger, ickier matters to be dealt with.

She's about to shout that yes, she names things all the time, and in fact her lucky stake is named Mr. Pointy, thank you very much, when the parasite moves in the bucket, sloshing around in that foul smelling liquid, and she remembers why she started screaming in the first place. "You're riled up? I'm riled up! Why are you carrying a parasite around in a bucket? And aren't parasites supposed to be, like, microscopic?"
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"I have every right to be riled up! I'm being yelled at by a loony with a giant parasite in a stinky bucket!" There is every possibility that Buffy started yelling first, or at least that her initial scream kicked off this whole yell-o-rama, but she isn't about to admit as much. She's still at the totally-lacking-in-maturity, name-calling stage of freaking out. Which makes it especially embarrassing for her when he decides to be the bigger person and begins to act all calm and rational, at least in comparison to how he was acting only moments ago. She deflates a little, then, easing out of her battle stance into something a little less intimidating. She lowers the stake.

"That depends," she says slowly, gesturing toward the bucket. "Is it dangerous? Does it bite?" If he answers in the affirmative, she'll have no choice in the matter. She doesn't expect him to, though. He seems overly protective of that hideous creature. She has to ask anyway.
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Okay, he has a point. Especially since she actually does happen to be out here hunting vampires tonight. She probably couldn't win the sanity contest if her life depended on it, even if this jittery weirdo was her only opponent. She isn't about to admit any of that aloud, however.

The thing is, he's right. She's relatively certain by now that he isn't a vampire, and that hideous thing in the bucket behaves like no vampire or demon she has ever encountered. And while it should be against all laws of nature of any insect to grow that large, it technically isn't any business of the slayer's.

"Obviously," says Buffy, with no small amount of sarcasm. Of course, she means the exact opposite — there is nothing about what he just said that strikes her as obvious. Or even remotely understandable. What the hell is kaiju blue? "You realize that all sounded like gibberish to me, right?"
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Giant monsters, he says. Saving the world from impending apocalypse, he says. Might as well be reciting the Buffy Summers life story, she thinks. It's effective, though. She's definitely hooked, taking a few steps forward and leaning in for a better look at his arm. Interesting tattoos, she would have thought, and left it at that. Then he tells her that they were real, and suddenly, she understands what he meant about the parasite looking microscopic in comparison. This is the sea creature he was talking about. She thought he was just rambling to throw her off or something.

It feels a bit naive, to readily believe this man she would have called crazy only moments ago. But after all that Buffy has seen in her life, there isn't much that she wouldn't believe. And technically, that abomination in the rotten-smelling bucket is proof.

"How do you fight something like that?" She has to ask. Call it professional curiosity.