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Dr. Newton Geiszler ([personal profile] sciencesaggressively) wrote2013-11-19 04:50 pm
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Newt's sitting up on the exam table, swinging his legs and sitting on his hands because he's been itching at where his cast ends below his knee, and it's been driving Chuck crazy since they'd gotten here. It's been a solid half hour of sitting in this room, and Newt's starting to get restless.

"Hey, dude, do you ghost-drift with your dad?" he asks suddenly. "'Cause I totally had drifty-mares the other night, totally felt Striker tearin' me up, it was weird. Got a nosebleed, it was really embarrassing because Kate was there, y'know? And like, it's happened the one other time since I got here but it was so random, so anyway, yeah, does it happen to you?"

He pauses to catch his breath and just stares at Chuck expectantly. It's probably not a good time to talk about this--well, would it ever be a good time to talk about it?--but Chuck's the only one in Darrow who really gets it, and he feels kind of bad bringing it up but he wants to know if he should expect this more often. Also, come on, it's at a point where Chuck should probably be ready for shit like this.

"I'm itchy, where the hell is this doctor?"

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