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Newt's sitting up on the exam table, swinging his legs and sitting on his hands because he's been itching at where his cast ends below his knee, and it's been driving Chuck crazy since they'd gotten here. It's been a solid half hour of sitting in this room, and Newt's starting to get restless.

"Hey, dude, do you ghost-drift with your dad?" he asks suddenly. "'Cause I totally had drifty-mares the other night, totally felt Striker tearin' me up, it was weird. Got a nosebleed, it was really embarrassing because Kate was there, y'know? And like, it's happened the one other time since I got here but it was so random, so anyway, yeah, does it happen to you?"

He pauses to catch his breath and just stares at Chuck expectantly. It's probably not a good time to talk about this--well, would it ever be a good time to talk about it?--but Chuck's the only one in Darrow who really gets it, and he feels kind of bad bringing it up but he wants to know if he should expect this more often. Also, come on, it's at a point where Chuck should probably be ready for shit like this.

"I'm itchy, where the hell is this doctor?"
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It takes Chuck what at least feels like a long time to answer the question, and not just because he's been taken aback by it. Coming with Newt to get his cast off was supposed to be a short, simple task, something that should have already been over by now; though he's restless, he doesn't mind still sitting here, except that he never expected it to suddenly turn into a heart to heart. He doesn't do those, not even about drifting. Maybe especially not about drifting, when it's presented like this. Unequivocally, even more so than no one else knowing about the kaiju war, the strangest part of being here has been the silence, the emptiness in his own head. When he spends most of his time trying to ignore that, though, he hasn't got a clue how or why the hell he'd talk about it now.

A part of him wants to just ignore the whole thing and only deal with that last question, one he clearly doesn't have an answer for. What stops him is curiosity. He knows about Newt drifting with a kaiju, and has plenty of firsthand knowledge about how the drift works, but somehow, he never thought about it quite like that. It's different, drifting only with one person. Eventually, he just shrugs. "Nothing new," he answers. "Not like I could know what's going on there. But sometimes I'll have a thought or do something and know it came from drifting with him, yeah." Oversimplified, maybe, but he'd rather get right to the point. "So, wait, you have all the kaijus' memories?"
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It's more than even Chuck can entirely make sense of. If there's anything he knows a lot about, it's drifting, and all the different components of piloting a Jaeger. This, though — while he knows on a logical level that, yes, of course that's how it would work, he can't imagine it. Just the idea of drifting with a kaiju in the first place he'd like to say is insane, except that it's the only reason they managed to get the Breach closed in the first place. Still, to have all those memories, for any person to have that kind of connection to those monsters, it's practically unfathomable. Just sharing a headspace with his father was strange enough, at least at first. That's something else entirely, no matter what intelligent creatures the kaiju were (and they were, he has no doubt about that. Or whatever made them were).

What's easier for him to grasp is the second part, and even then, he feels like he doesn't really get it, like there's a step he's missing. The feeling isn't one he likes, and with anyone else, he'd probably just act frustrated for it. Newt's got to have something in mind, though, and while he might not be able to guess at what it is, he's more than a little curious. With something he knows so well, it would be impossible not to be. "And do what with it? Something with what all's in your head?"
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"Some of those memories would definitely get transferred into your... drifty friend," Chuck says, for lack of a better turn of phrase, though he doesn't look especially pleased about it. At least that's easier than saying anything about Christmas yet. This is a subject he understands a little better, and has more experience in than Newt, so while he might not be up for the task himself, he will do whatever he can to help. "I've got some of my Uncle Scott's, too, he was my dad's co-pilot before I was. Which is why you can count me out." For once, there's no possible unkind edge in the words; it's just simple, matter of fact. When Newt's drifted with Hermann and a kaiju, and therefore by extension the whole goddamn hivemind, and when he's drifted with his dad, who drifted with Scott, they'd just be asking for trouble. No one needs their memories that jumbled. "Drift with someone enough, though, and that might start to override what you've got in there — not got rid of it, but be... more present, maybe? But you'd have to find someone else willing to have that in their heads, too."

Shaking his head, he lets out a long, slow, almost exasperated breath. It's ridiculous to even be talking about this. It's ridiculous that this is as much of home as he can even get now. Drifting with anyone else himself might well be out of the question now, too. He was always borderline too volatile anyway. When now he's got the memory of blowing himself up on top of all that, it probably wouldn't be a very good idea. Trying to push that from his head, he finally concedes to Newt's last point. "Fine, alright, I'll be there. But only because it'll be free food."
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"I could very well say no if I wanted to," Chuck says, and for once, he doesn't mind the implication in that. It's been a long time since he had a Christmas that wasn't barely celebrated, with a war raging that he couldn't let himself be distracted from, his dad in the same boat. Hell, the last one — which was only a matter of months ago, thanks to time being fucked here — that passed, he took down a kaiju two days later, just after they'd closed the Sydney Shatterdome, before he got his orders to go to Hong Kong. It feels like a lifetime ago, though. In a way, he supposes it actually was. That isn't the point, though, whereas what Newt's said is. While he might be far less likely to admit to it, the same is true for him, and if ever there were a time to be around family, or whatever approximation of it he can come by, then it's probably Christmas.

Sighing, he frowns, thoughful. He can't quite bring himself to feel guilty, but he does wish there were some better idea he could come up with, and hates that there isn't. Between him and Newt, it ought to be possible. No one should have to carry that around, especially not when it's the only thing that really enabled them to defeat the kaiju in the first place. "There's got to be some way. You'll come up with something."
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"Yeah, I think I'll save you the trouble," Chuck says, letting out a short laugh. Even if that weren't the case, he thinks, he would agree anyway, but he has no intention of drawing notice to that. If Newt knows it already, then he knows it, and there's nothing more that needs to be said on the matter. Just because he can admit to himself that, okay, sure, he cares about Newt a lot more than he would have expected to doesn't mean he needs to make a thing out of it, no matter how uncommon it is — and it's very — for him to let someone in at all. Being here has changed things, sort of. So has dying. "Just tell me when and where."