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*bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do~ plays distantly in the background*

It had started out innocently enough, just a casual conversation with Kate on the topic of the envelope mystery. It's when she'd brought up the idea of getting ahold of the security footage that they'd both stared at each other, clearly coming to the silent agreement that they need to get ahold of the security footage. It doesn't take long for both of them to get changed--all black, of course, because that's what the movies always say is best--and rendezvous at the train station at 1800 hours during a convenient switching of the shifts at the information booth.

Newt tries to look cool, leaning against the wall nearest the empty booth as a few people pass him by--and he finds it kind of weird that they seem to be noticing him more than usual, or maybe he's just being paranoid. The door to the security room is just around the corner and the station is emptying out, so it's pretty much now or never. Well, never until the next shift change, whatever. He peers around the corner, failing to notice Kate coming up behind him, so when she taps him on the shoulder he can't stop the yelp that escapes from his throat, and he really wishes he'd bought that ski mask he'd seen at the store because his cheeks are awfully red right now.

"I thought you were the fuzz," he says even as his eyes crinkle from a wide smile and he leans over for a kiss. "I think we're in good shape to do this, you ready?"
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Kate's a little late getting back to the train station, mostly because it took her way longer than expected to find the right outfit for committing a random act of thievery against the city of Darrow. She'd tried on three different pairs of black pants and jeans before going with a black dress and tights instead, paired with her second favourite pair of combat boots. The ones with the little silver studs and spikes all over the heels and toes are her favourite pair, but she figures they're probably a little too flashy for what they're trying to do here.

"Hi, sorry," she says with a laugh, kissing him back even though she knows they're supposed to be on a mission. It just makes them look like they're a totally normal couple, though, meeting up at the train station, both wearing all black to commit a really ridiculous crime. It somehow makes their story -- if they have a story, she's not even sure -- way more believable. "I'm totally ready. We're looking for a tape from yesterday afternoon at about two. That's the last envelope I noticed."
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She actually does have a couple pins in her hair and she reaches back, pulling one out, which causes half her hair to come completely undone. "If you can actually pick this lock with a bobby pin, I guarantee I'll like you at least ten percent more than I already do," she says with a grin, holding the pin toward him before she pulls the remainder out of her hair and tucks them into her bag.

A black bag, very carefully chosen for its size, which looks just about right to hold a security tape or two.

Turning away from the door, she looks around to make sure no one is watching, then looks back at Newt. "Go for it, you're totally clear. I'll keep watch." So far no one seems to care what they're doing, but she knows one of the security guards will be by in the next few minutes. She spends so much time sitting at that desk that she's memorized most of their schedules just out of sheer boredom.
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Kate stands with her back against the wall beside the door, not really keeping watch as well as she thinks she should be, mostly because she's kind of watching Newt work. There are plenty of people she knows in Darrow with plenty of strange talents, but she's pretty sure she doesn't know a single person who can actually pick a lock with a bobby pin until he goes and does it.

"Are you kidding?" she asks, then laughs, looking impressed. "I have no idea why, so don't even ask, but there's something weirdly hot about that." Or maybe it's just Newt in general and the fact that they're doing something totally illegal and will probably result in her getting fired if they get caught, all these things coming together to make lock picking hot for some reason.
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"Yeah, they probably don't take them anywhere else," she agrees, although she hasn't considered until now that maybe they just wipe them. There's probably no point in keeping the tapes for longer than a week or so, especially since nothing ever seems to happen here and if something did happen, they'd know right away to get the tape.

She heads for the cabinets, opening the top drawer of one and finding only a bunch of papers that look like they're about a hundred years old. "Just for the record," she says as she picks through the papers and finds nothing interesting, "if we get caught in here, I'm probably going to lie and say we were coming in here to make out. Cool?" It's the only story she can think of that might seem plausible, even if they are both dressed in black and look like they're trying to commit a crime. She thinks crying might help, depending on who it is that finds them, but she doesn't want to break that out unless she absolutely has to.
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"Yeah," she says, looking in another drawer and rifling through the things left behind. Someone's half-eaten sandwich lies under a nearly black banana and she makes a face before closing the drawer again and turning to look at Newt. "Harley brought it up last time I saw him while I was working and I told him he was a genius and he asked me how I thought I was going to get my hands on the tapes and here we are." She kind of can't wait to tell Harley that she broke into the office, just to show him she can totally carry through with a plan, even if she's not sure what to do now.

She glances at the TVs and then back at Newt, her eyebrows lifted. "Do you think they heard me?"

She doesn't even know who they are, some nameless, faceless entities who run this city somehow and want to keep them from finding out anything that might ruin the mystery. But if they were able to hear her -- she's on the tapes, anyway -- then maybe that's why they can't find any of the tapes now that they're in here.
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"Security guards, mostly. They wander around the station, making sure no one's being an asshole, I guess, and I see them go in and out sometimes." She pauses, trying to think if she's seen anyone else, but she can't recall and the truth is, she's been paying so much attention to the envelopes that she hasn't paid as much attention to the door as she maybe should have.

When he looks down at the floor, she does as well, moving closer to see what he's talking about, but there it is, clear evidence something has been moved. Absently, she takes the tape from him and puts it in her bag, because there's no way in hell she's leaving a tape behind, even if it isn't labelled. There might not be anything on it at all, it might just be a spare that's been left lying around, but she's totally not taking the chance. Maybe it's nothing, but maybe it's something huge.

"Yeah, this is all super weird," she agrees, looking at him for a moment as she bites her lower lip. Nothing really makes sense and she's about to say as much when she hears the sound of someone at the door behind them. "Oh, fuck me," she curses, then reaches out to pull Newt toward her as fast as she can. Her heart is suddenly hammering and it's partly that they're totally about to be caught in here, but really, her story as to why they're in here in the first place is pretty fun.
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"Shh," she says, laughing as the door swings open and she wraps one arm around Newt, making sure to keep her bag pressed tight against her hip so that whoever's coming inside won't see it. Now that the tape is inside, it's kind of obviously shaped like a tape and she doesn't want them to lose it after they've worked so hard to get it. They're totally not going to get away with this, not when they're both dressed like criminals, but she's not just going to give up.

Not yet.

She backs up until she's leaning against the desk, then kisses him, tightening her arm around him and she really doesn't even have to try at all to make it look real. Kissing him is still just about the best thing she's been doing lately and she sighs softly, happily, just as the door slams shut.
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When Kate starts to laugh, she doesn't even have to fake it, suddenly way more nervous than she thought she'd be. Especially since the security guard clearly recognizes her as he looks at her over Newt's shoulder.

"Hi," she says. "Sorry."

"You work at the information booth," he says and she nods.

"Yeah, it's just... you know how it is, right? You have a date, you want to impress them, you bring them to the locked room at your place of employment," she tries to explain and suddenly her story seems a lot less realistic. She reaches for Newt's hand, squeezing it lightly, although she's not sure what she expects him to jump in with. "It's totally hot?"
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"Ugh, whatever," she says, following Newt toward the door, still taking care to keep her bag with the tape against her opposite hip. The guard doesn't seem to have noticed and she's planning on keeping it that way. Except she can't just leave quietly, she's never been able to just keep her mouth shut.

"Now that you've exerted the tiny amount of power you're allowed, try not to get too excited about it once we're gone," she advises, reaching for the door knob, opening the door even as she speaks because she's totally going to lose her job now, she doesn't want to get her -- or Newt's -- ass kicked, too. "Also, I totally know you sit in here and watch me on the TV. Gross, dude."
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"So I'm totally getting fired," she says as she drops down onto the bench beside him, but she can't help it, she's laughing, too. They have a tape, although she has no idea what might be on it and now that she's had a little time to think about it, she really hopes it's not just a creepy compilation of all her shifts. It might actually be better if the thing is blank, especially if that's one of the other options. She'd been joking about the guard, but seeing how red he'd turned, she's not so sure she was wrong about it.

"What if it's nothing? What if it's completely blank, are you really going to lose your mind?" she asks, grinning at him. "Because if you are, we're totally watching this at your place, I'd like my giant flamingo to remain unbroken in the ensuing rage spiral you're going to end up in." The flamingo is still her pride and joy, the best part of her apartment, even though she thinks she's done a pretty good job with the rest of it.

"Okay, seriously, are we going to go watch this? Do you even own a VCR?" She's not sure she does, now that she's thinking about it. The apartment came with a TV, but she doesn't spend much time watching it unless it's on in the background just for the noise.
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"There's a pawn shop near our building," she says, because she kind of goes in there a lot and has maybe decorated almost her entire apartment with things she's found there. She's realized a long time ago that she's never going to live somewhere with marble countertops and cool, clean lines, not only because she can't afford it, but because when she wanted that, she was pretending to be someone other than herself.

"They might have one. Because I'm pretty sure my place didn't come with one, which probably means your place didn't come with one either." On the other hand, she's never actually checked, so she can't be sure. "What if there's something totally creepy on there like the video in the Ring? What if we only get seven days to live after we watch it?" She's mostly joking, but even as she says it, she realizes she's not as excited to watch it as she thought she was. This entire place has been good to her for the most part and now that she's trying to unravel things she's a little nervous about pissing it off. If they delve too deeply into what's behind the envelopes, they might actually discover something and she suddenly doesn't know if that's such a good idea.
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"If some creepy girl crawls out of my TV, I'm going to need like, all the alcohol in the world to deal with it," Kate says before she stands again and holds her hand out to Newt. "Come on, let's go buy a VCR and something so your apartment looks less like a prison cell." She's teasing, she'd actually liked his apartment just fine, but she thinks that may have been due to the fact that she likes him so much. Beyond the table and the couch, there's not actually a whole lot she remembers about his place and she completely blames him for that, for being so distracting and nice to her.

"But seriously, we're watching it on your TV now, because I'm just picturing a girl crawling out of mine in the middle of the night and I'm pretty sure I'm never going to sleep again," she realizes. "Not that I want her crawling out of your TV either, that'd be pretty shitty. Maybe we can convince someone else to let us use their TV." She's not sure if that's how it works, but she's willing to take the chance.
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"Yeah, no one's going to fall for that and there's no one in our building I really dislike enough to send a creepy TV demon after," she says, thoughtfully, heading in the direction of their apartments. There used to be that one woman who lived on her floor and was really nosy, but she seems to have moved out and Kate likes pretty much everyone else she knows in the building. There's no way in hell she's going to drag Reggie or Nick into this.

"So maybe we just get drunk." And that way if there is something super unsettling on the tape, she'll be able to deal with it better or she'll just care a lot less. "But that still means we need to get a VCR first. The pawn shop's just up ahead, they'll have something and I totally won't lead you astray with the decorating, my mom is an artist, I have a very keen eye or whatever the hell it is they call it."

She doesn't know a damn thing about art, just what her mother's tried to teach her over the years, but Kate's never much listened. She likes what she likes, regardless of what other people think, and she's pretty sure that's the way to go when it comes to decorating.

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